Dear all,   

I used to write during my school days. So you must be thinking what is special about it..since many people on earth do write.  Well,  you are correct. There is not any kind of speciality about my habit of writing. However, I would like to share with you some background here.  

‘Monsoon’- was the name of my diary and it was better than all the human beings near to me in the form of friend during those days because Monsoon was the most unselfish and unconditional love that happened to me.  I jotted down all my feelings, laughter and cries, anger and pains, jokes and portraits, lives and losses on the pages of Monsoon and it demanded nothing in return.  Moreover,  it helped me to take most unbiased decision all the way during past days.  There used to be nothing like worry in the lap of Monsoon. It was just carrying the best kind of love for me in its arms. We shared the most beautiful bond. 

I must tell you here the inspiration behind creation of Monsoon.  It was the ‘Diary of Anne Frank’ which inspired me to find the best of friendship in paper and pen.  Anne Frank,  the Jewish kid, who had been the victim of terrific holocaust carried out by Hitler in Germany, had showed me the way of humanity and truthfulness though her diary.  

There is of course nothing special about a blank paper and ink when they are treated separately.  But when they are brought together and some true feelings are poured on the combo, a beautiful composition happens and the magic begins. Thus, a story is created which can convey the massage from one soul to another and a common path of communication is created over which human starts to discover the phenomena of civilization. 

This is how I used to communicate to the world throughout my Monsoon. The black/blue letters are coupled together to form words which speak about stories of our happiness and sorrows. When the world was busy collecting digits and credits in the name of success I used to share my solitude with Monsoon. They finally found a permanent place on the pages of Monsoon and guided me with due love and contentment. What a true friend Monsoon had been! And, this diary compeled me to derive something always out of all odds and chaos. During a few years of past I used to be almost away from the holy touch of pens and papers. However, nowadays civilisation has gone so far and creativity practices have been digitalized. It is certainly bringing opportunities to lazy people like me to go back to my past habits. I am so fond of the news that now I can write anytime anywhere. 

So, here I am recreating my worlds of words, once again to talk to life and earth. 

With love, 




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